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This year will be a big year for purging!  My husband and I have lived in the same apartment for a few years and hardly ever throw anything away that we don’t need anymore. With plans to move this March, getting organizing and cleaning out our closets is at the top of my priority list!  Now there’s a new app that makes donating to a charitable cause so simple, you don’t even have to leave your home!

ReSupply App – Making Donating Easy

ReSupply is a new app that makes it super easy to donate used items. Simply compile the items you want to give away, schedule a pick-up through the app and have them picked up directly at your door.  It’s that simple!

Have you ever bagged up items to giveaway, only to have them sit in your closet for months?  I know I’m guilty of this! Instead of letting them sit around, you can now easily open the ReSupply app and have the charity of your choice pick them up for you!

They also generate a digital tax receipt for you so you don’t have to worry about keeping a paper trail.  ReSupply takes care of you so you can focus on giving.

*Thank you ReSupply for sponsoring this post.


  • Laura


    This looks so awesome, I’ve never heard of an app like this! I did a roundup of lots of different ways to donate and give back at the end of 2017 (, this will be such a good option to add for this year, too!

  • sharon wu


    i’m all about donating items and in fact do so every year for spring cleaning. it’s great that there’s a convenient and easy way to get rid of stuff while contributing to a good cause 🙂 thanks for sharing babe! xo, sharon

  • Julia comil


    This is such a great concept Indid not know about it and I have a lot to donate! Will check it out for sure!!!

  • Christina


    This app sounds awesome! I totally need to check it out.

  • Helen


    That’s actually such a great idea and I love how they’ve made giving back to charity so much easier!!


  • Nicole


    Well this is awesome! I actually have about 5 bags waiting for me to drop off now! I’ll have to look into this new app!

  • Morgan Klein


    This app sounds amazing and like something I need!!!!

  • Stephanie


    Oh wow, this is genius! I’ve had like a ton of garbage bags filled with clothes to get rid of. I’ll have to check this out! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kasey | Running in Heels


    Ooh this sounds perfect, I’m purging so much before I move!

  • Jessica


    Now that’s an amazing app. I love the charitable concept, such a great idea.

    Jessica |

  • Nataly


    I need to check this out! I am always looking to find a new way to donate my clothes!

  • Vanessa


    I need to check out this app! This sounds fantastic since I’m all about donating! And you and your pup are THE CUTEST!

    Happy Monday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  • Denise Kokinis


    This sounds like such a cool app! I just moved, but I am always finding ways to clean out my house and purge things! Totally need to check this one out!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  • Stefanie


    this is such an awesome idea! i have so many lightly used items that would be perfect for this. thanks for sharing 🙂

  • whit


    This is a great app! I love giving back and your pup is so cute!


  • Tonya


    Wow! I havent ever heard of this but i LOVE the idea! I am totally guilty of packing things up, with every intention of donating, and forgetting about them til the next time!

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