Traveling For The Holidays With Sour Punch Bites

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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been a huge fan of sweet and sour candy.  When traveling on road trips, my parents always let my siblings and I bring our favorite candy to snack on.  Instead of opting for a chocolate or something salty, I’d always grab Sour Punch Straws!  These days, I opt for Sour Punch Bites that have the same delicious flavor but are easier to eat & enjoy with their bite-size shape!


This holiday season my husband Connor and I will be doing some traveling on our own.  First, we will head to my parent’s house, which is outside of Atlanta to celebrate Christmas.  Then, we will fly to Orlando to see Connor’s side of the family, exchange gifts, and ring in the New Year!  As much as I look forward to visiting with family, the holiday season is inevitably a little hectic especially when traveling is involved.  Traveling amongst large crowds can feel like hysteria these days!

I always plan ahead and pack my bags the night before, to ensure I don’t forget anything.  One thing I always pack with me traveling is a snack!  You never know when you’ll board a plane and have an unexpected delay or end up sitting in traffic on the highway for hours on a road trip.  Sour Punch Bites are my go-to snack for their delicious sweet and sour flavor!  You can find them at your local Target store.   I love the assorted pack that has three of my favorite flavors – strawberry, blue raspberry, and apple.  They’re the perfect snack to sit back, relax and indulge in during the holidays.

Have you tried Sour Punch Bites yet?!  I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!



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  • Stefanie


    Seriously my favorite candy of all time! I love sour patch!! You look so cute, what a great idea for a road trip snack!

  • Catherine Claire


    YUM! I am obsessed with sour patch kids too!!! Love these photos pretty girl!

    Cathclaire | Fashion Blog

  • Nicole


    I have never tried these before, but I do love sour patch kids, so I’m sure I’d love these too! Happy holidays babe!

  • Kileen


    Ooh such a yummy and fun snack!! My kiddos love these!

    cute & little

  • Taylor Mobley


    I love this snack. My favorite is sour patch kids!

  • Irina


    The pictures are amazing, dear! Merry Christmas:)

  • Jessica


    I literally just ate an entire package of Sour Punch Bites a couple weeks ago. They are so good! lo

  • Nataly


    I love Sour Punch kids so much!

  • Iliana Garcia


    Those are literary my favorite movie snacks. I love sour candy 🙂

    Iliana |

  • Jessica


    I love this snack too! It’s been so long since I last had one. I should definitely grab this snack next time I see it in the grocery.

    Jessica |

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